closeup_hand throwing cremation urn

Studio and Process

Each urn is carefully handcrafted in my Kingston, Ontario studio (Black Dog Pottery). The urns are handthown and trimmed on my wheel, then bisque fired to 1850 degrees fahrenheit. After that they are placed on a small glaze catch basin and individually glazed using crystalline glazes that I have developed over the past twenty years and fired again to 2300 degrees fahrenheit. The glaze basin is then chipped off and the base is ground to a smooth and flat finish. The crystals in the glaze are zinc silicate crystals that form out of the glaze matrix during a very carefully controlled cooling cycle, ensuring that each urn has its’ own distinct and unique qualities.

Kingston Urns

Beautiful porcelain urns individually handcrafted in Kingston, Ontario by local artist Marc Lemieux, owner of Black Dog Pottery

Kingston Cremation handmade porcelain urns by Black Dog Pottery