Policies for Cremation Urns Wholesale Sales

A few things to note about my wholesale cremation urns:

  • All of these urns are made from start to finish by me in my studio in Kingston, Ontario. The only difference between these cremation urns and my other urns is that the urn bodies are slip-cast instead of hand thrown, which allows me to maintain a consistency of form and size. The lids are still individually hand thrown and each piece is hand trimmed and individually glazed ensuring a unique quality and character to each urn.
  • All prices include expedited shipping within Ontario.
  • All work is fully guaranteed. If for any reason you wish to return or exchange a piece, just give me a call. I will also assume responsibility for breakage during shipping.
  • There is a minimum order of 500.00.
  • Simply add pieces to your cart and check out when ready. Payment is due immediately at check-out. Please allow three days for processing. Once shipped, I will send you a tracking number and expected delivery date.
  • If you are interested in wholesale, please contact me for a temporary password.

Series A

  • Volume - 50 cubic inches
  • 5 inches high by 4 inches wide

Series B

cremation urn series b
  • Volume - 190 cubic inches
  • 9 inches high by 7 inches wide

Series C

  • Volume - 170 cubic inches
  • 9.25 inches high by 6.75 inches wide

Series D

  • Volume - 160 cubic inches
  • 7.5 inches high by 6.75 inches wide

Series E

  • Volume - 150 cubic inches
  • 7.75 inches high by 6.75 inches wide

Series F

  • Volume - 200 cubic inches
  • 7.75 inches high by 7.5 inches wide

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